San Diego Digital Designers

San Diego is a big village

It’s always good to have friends, and in a big-little town like this it’s especially satisfying to stay in touch with people you may bump into at a coffee shop, or a pitch, or a mixer. 

Design is hard

Okay, it’s not as hard as digging ditches. But we’re working in a field that’s at once subjective and beholden to the bottom line; a field in which we are hired for our knowledge and then answer to people without it who opine anyway. This can be challenging stuff. It helps immeasurably to hear that it's tough for other people and to get help navigating these situations.

And the work itself is hard. We’re all always trying to push into new territory, to avoid the beaten path. But we have deadlines, we have preconceptions to meet (or beat), we have personalities to manage. And, of course, the technology and the aesthetic of the moment are changing all the time.

There are a million little reasons why it’s good to have access to a group of design-minded folks. In short: we get it.

Let’s make some matches

Some of us are freelancers looking for interesting, well-paying projects. Others are design managers looking for talented, driven designers. We should meet.