San Diego Digital Designers

Who is this for?

The name kind of says it all. Members spend a majority of their time in San Diego and the majority of their working time doing design.

The “digital” part is about honing in on web and app designers, as opposed to industrial, print, landscape, interior, or a zillion other kinds of design.

Lots of us likely do lots of these other things or travel other places, but we’re bound by San Diego and designing for digital things.

How should I be?

See our Code of Conduct for details on that. In short, be decent, respectful, honest. Be quiet when you want to be. Be helpful when you can be. Be a responsible grown-up.

I already feel too busy. Should I really join?

Sure! Part of the beauty of Slack is their notification system. You’ll be kept up-to-date via email or through mobile notifications.

You can just keep a tab open in your browser (members-only link) if you’re feeling commitment-phobic. Or you can step up to the app (members-only link) on your desktop or mobile.

And if you’re busy, that’s cool! Come in whenever you’d like to hang out. Ask a question, answer a question, lurk… whatever.